Download the ASCII to HTML conversion utility AscToHTM

If you've come straight here, why not visit the AscToHTM home page or read the on-line documentation

Downloading the shareware version

The Windows version offers a 30-day trial. The VMS version has no time limit.

The shareware version is made available for you to download and try. It inserts a reminder to register the software at the top of each page of HTML produced. You are free to delete this line from the HTML. This version has a few features disabled, and displays a reminder screen each time the program is activated.

Once the expiry date is reached, the functionality degrades by converting the output into randomly mixed case, whilst still maintaining some ability to give an impression of it's full potential.

To get a copy, simply download the .ZIP file appropriate to your system, and UNZIP it at the other end. You can build your own version of HTML documentation once you've downloaded the software.

To register the software, visit the registration page or register online via the ShareIt. The software is priced to be worth "a few hours" of your time at $30, on the grounds that if the software doesn't pay for itself over that time period then by all means don't purchase it.

The software is made available FREE to FAQ maintainers.

Documentation Set

The on-line documentation is kept up to date and can be downloaded as a .ZIP file.

The above software downloads include the appropriate version of the documentation kit from which you can make your own local copy with the command:-

  AscToHTM a2hdoco.txt ia2hdoco.pol

Experiment with the different settings in the document policy file ia2hdoco.pol to vary the resulting HTML document to your taste.


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